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  1. When businesses go digital – The role of CEO attributes in technology adoption and utilization during the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Web Accessibility and Digital Businesses – The Potential Economic Value of Portuguese People with Disability
  3. Urban entrepreneurship and sustainable businesses in smart cities – Exploring the role of digital technologies
  4. Unlocking the value of digitalization for the European energy transition -A typology of innovative business models
  5. Transport digitalization – Business analytics results from Shift2Rail CONNECTIVE Project
  6. Transforming Pipelines into Digital Platforms – An Illustrative Case Study Transforming a Traditional Pipeline Business Model in the Standardization Industry into a Digital Platform
  7. Transformation of business models of logistics and transportation companies in digital economy
  8. The transformative impact of digital marketing on family business
  9. The role of modern business ecosystems in economic security and in sustainable development of companies in conditions of the world economy digitalization
  10. The Role of Marketing in Digital Business Platforms
  11. The role of information quality processing in determining purchase intentionsthrough social psychological
  12. The role of enterprise architecture-driven dynamic capabilities and operational digital ambidexterity in driving business value under the COVID-19 shock
  13. The nature of small business digital responses during crises
  14. The influence of sustainability and digitalisation on business model innovation – The case of a multi-sided platform for food surplus redistribution
  15. The implications of multi-sided platforms in managing digital
  16. The implementation of human resources information system and it’s benefit for organizations
  17. The impact of motivation to share on the continuance of collaborative participation mediated by attitude toward consumption based on sharing economy platform
  18. The hope of exponential growth – Systems mapping perspective on birth of platform business
  19. The evolution of the digital service ecosystem and digital business model innovation in retail
  20. The engagement of home-based businesses in the digital economy
  21. The effects of knowledge spillovers, digital capabilities, and innovation on firm performance – A moderated mediation model
  22. The effect of entrepreneurial orientation, use of information technology, and innovation capability on SMEs_competitive advantage andperformance
  23. The effect of digital adoption and service quality on business sustainability through strategic alliances at port terminals in Indonesia
  24. The effect of changing from campus-based to digital teaching on student attendance – A case study of Norwegian business students
  25. The digital economy – Challenges and opportunities in the new era of technology and electronic communications
  26. The Complexity of Business Process Digitalization and Organisational Challenges
  27. Technological transformation in HRM through knowledge and training – Innovative business decision making
  28. Tackling business model challenges in SME internationalization through digitalization
  29. System Dynamic and Simulation of Business Model Innovation in Digital Companies – An Open Innovation Approach
  30. Sustaining the future – How green capabilities and digitalization drive sustainability in modern business
  31. Sustained value creation driven by digital connectivity – A multiple case study in the mechanical components industry
  32. Sustainable business models of e-marketplaces – An analysis from the consumer perspective
  33. Sustainability strategy as a moderator in the relationship between digital business strategy and financial performance
  34. Strategic role of digital capability on business agility during COVID-19 era
  35. Staying afloat amidst extreme uncertainty – A case study of digital transformation in Higher Education
  36. Starting a New Business – Assessing University Students’ Intentions towards Digital Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia
  37. Spanish SMEs’ digitalization enablers – E-Receipt applications to the offline retail market
  38. Small steps for the big hit – A dynamic capabilities perspective on business networks and non-disruptive digital technologies in SMEs
  39. Revolutionizing the road
  40. Resource re-orchestration and firm survival in crisis periods – The role of business models of technology MNEs during COVID-19
  41. Research on the impact and mechanism of digital capabilities and digital finance on household wealth in the context of aging
  42. Remote rural home based businesses and digital inequalities – Understanding needs and expectations in a digitally underserved community
  43. Relationship between accounting information systems implementation and corporate governance of rural banksin Indonesia
  44. Relationship analysis between executive motivation and digital transformation in Chinese A-Share companies – An empirical study
  45. Re-examining path dependence in the digital age — The evolution of connected car business models
  46. Quality as a drive-up digital teaching – Analysis of virtual classes in Colombian business schools
  47. Public value creation through voluntary business to government information sharing enabled by digital infrastructure innovations – a framework for analysis
  48. Prosumers’ intention to co-create business value and the moderating role of digital media usage
  49. Profiting from innovation when digital business ecosystems emerge
  50. Product Digital-Platform-Business Co-Design
  51. Product Development Plan Monitoring – Towards a Business Process Digital Twin
  52. Potentials of Digital Business Models in the retail industry – Empirical Results from European Experts
  53. Potentials of Digital Business Models – Empirical investigation of data driven impacts in industry
  54. Port 4.0 – a conceptual model for smart port digitalization
  55. Pathways to digital business models
  56. On the alleviation of imminent technical and business challenges of long-lasting functional digital twins
  57. Mobility business models toward a digital tomorrow – Challenges
  58. Marketing perspectives on digital business models – A framework and overview of the special issue
  59. Managing foreign business operations in Ukraine in the context of war
  60. Managing digital transformation – The view from the top
  61. Managerial capabilities as facilitators of digital transformation – Dynamic managerial capabilities as antecedents to digital business model transformation and firm performance
  62. Looking for haptics – Touch digitalization business strategies in luxury and fashion during COVID-19 and beyond
  63. Literature review on industrial digital platforms
  64. Is transparency the new green – How business model transparency influences digital service adoption
  65. Internet of Things and Big Data as enablers for business digitalization strategies
  66. International Business, digital technologies and sustainable development – Connecting the dots
  67. Inside the black box – How business model innovation contributes to digital start-up performance
  68. Innovation Process Modelling for Human-Centred Cultural Heritage Spaces – Developing a Business Model Canvas for Smart Digital Immersion
  69. Innovating agri-food business models after the Covid-19 pandemic
  70. Influence of digital ambidextrous capabilities on SMEs_ transformation performance
  71. Industrial Digital Twin as a facilitator for business model innovations in the manufacturing industry
  72. Impression management and leadership in failing or failed business-to-business firms during and post-COVID-19 – Empirical insights from Africa
  73. Implications of the “momentum” theory of digitalization in accounting – Evidence from Ash Cloud
  74. Identifying Digital Transformation Paths in the Business Model of SMEs during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  75. How to incorporate temporal change in digital business research – The use of process theory and agent-based modeling
  76. How do innovation intermediaries’ business models cope with their need to develop new digital services
  77. How digital transformation can influence business model, Case study for transport industry
  78. How can rural businesses thrive in the digital economy
  79. Global Digital Convergence – Impact of Cybersecurity, Business Transparency, Economic Transformation, and AML Efficiency
  80. From virtual observations to business insights – A bibliometric review of netnography in business research
  81. Fostering innovation through learning from digital business ecosystempdf
  82. Financial innovation and digitalization promote business growth
  83. Exploring the role of dynamic capabilities in digital circular business model innovation
  84. Exploring API-driven business models – Lessons learned from Amadeus_s digital transformation
  85. Entering non-platformized sectors – The Co-evolution of legitimacy debates and platform business models in digital health care
  86. Effects of resource orchestration, strategic information exchange capabilities, and digital orientation on innovation and performance of hotel supply chains
  87. Dynamic capabilities that matter for business failure versus survival
  88. Does digital transformation matter for operational risk exposure
  89. Do digital literacy and business sustainability matter for creative economy
  90. Dissecting the Business Case for Adoption and Implementation of Digital Pathology – A White Paper from the Digital Pathology Association
  91. Discussion On The Transformation Of Financial Personnel In The Digital Economy Era
  92. Digitization capability and the digitalization of business models in business-to-business firms – Past, present, and future
  93. Digitalizing customer journeys in B2B markets
  94. Digitalization in omnichannel healthcare supply chain businesses – The role of smart wearable devices
  95. Digitalization driven retail business model innovation – Evaluation of past and avenues for future research trends
  96. Digitalization and post-pandemic recovery of micro-businesses in Colombia
  97. Digitalization and entrepreneurial firms_ resilience to pandemic crises – Evidence from COVID-19 and the German Mittelstand
  98. Digital-age Learning and Business Engineering Education – a Pilot Study on Students’ E-skills
  99. Digital twin implementation approach in supply chain processes
  100. Digital transformation research – A bird_s eye image of core knowledge and global trends
  101. Digital transformation of business models – influence of operation and trade variables
  102. Digital transformation of a Polish accounting firm – tools, impediments, business performance benefits and implications – case study
  103. Digital transformation leadership competencies – A contingency approach
  104. Digital Transformation in the Western Balkans as an Opportunity for Managing Innovation in Small and Medium Businesses – Challenges and Opportunities
  105. Digital transformation in business and management research – An overview of the current status quo
  106. Digital technologies catalyzing business model innovation for circular economy—Multiple case study
  107. Digital technologies as a new component of the business process
  108. Digital sustainable entrepreneurship -A business model perspective on embedding digital technologies for social and environmental value creation
  109. Digital Shadow Platform as an Innovative Business Model
  110. Digital servitization business models in ecosystems – A theory of the firm
  111. Digital power grid based on digital twin – Definition, structure and key technologies
  112. Digital maturity as a determinant of business resilience in microenterprises in Ibero-America – a post COVID-19 analysis
  113. Digital marketplace – The role of probabilistic selling strategies in the travel industry
  114. Digital intelligence as a partner of emotional intelligence in business administration
  115. Digital innovation & enterprise in the sharing economy – An action research agenda
  116. Digital Influencers, Food and Tourism—A New Model of Open Innovation for Businesses in the Ho.Re.Ca. Sector
  117. Digital government as a business facilitator
  118. Digital ecosystem – The journey of a metaphor


  1. Best practices in leadership development and organization change_ how the best companies ensure meaningful change and sustainable leadership ( PDFDrive.com )
  2. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS Brand from the inside eight essentials to emotionally connect your employees to your business
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  6. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS Brand royalty how the world’s top 100 brands thrive and survive
  7. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS Brand Stretch Why 1 in 2 extensions fail, and how to beat the odds A brandgym workout
  8. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS Brand vision how to energize your team to drive business growth
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  10. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS Branding For Dummies – 2007
  11. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS Build a Brand in 30 Days
  12. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS Citizen brand 10 commandments for transforming brand culture in a consumer democracy
  13. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS Customize the Brand – Make It More Desirable and Profitable
  14. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS From Brand Vision to Brand Evaluation The strategic process of growing and strengthening brands
  15. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS Global Brand Strategy Unlocking Brand Potential Across Countries, Cultures _ Markets – Konan Page
  16. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS High Visibility Transforming Your Personal and Professional Brand
  17. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS How came your brand
  18. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS Ingredient Branding, Making the Invisible Visible
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  20. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS New Strategic Brand Management – 0749450851
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  22. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS ProfitBrand how to increase the profitability, accountability, and sustainability of your brand
  23. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS The 22_Immutable_Laws_of_Branding
  24. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS The art of digital branding
  25. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS The brand innovation manifesto how to build brands, redefine markets, and defy conventions
  26. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS The brand who cried wolf deliver on your company’s promise and create customers for life
  27. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS The brand who cried wolf, deliver on your company’s promise and create customers for life
  28. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS The complete idiots guide to brand management
  29. BRAND NAME PRODUCTS The employer brand bringing the best of brand management to people at work
  30. BRAND Passion Branding – Harnessing The Power Of Emotion To Build Strong Brands
  31. BRAND Place Branding Glocal,Virtual and Physical Identities, Constructed, Imagined and Experienced
  32. BRAND The art of digital branding
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  44. CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Online consumer psychology, understanding and influencing consumer behavior in the virtual world
  45. CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Research in consumer behavior
  46. CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Rural marketing, targeting the non-urban consumer
  47. CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Social psychology of consumer behavior
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